What’s in my Tech Bag, 2020 Edition, Part 1

Hi, my name is Keith, and I am addicted to bags. *The crowd, in unison, “Hi Keith!*

eBags Professional Slim Junior Backpack
eBags Professional Flight Laptop Backpack

I love a good backpack. Whether is it my eBags Professional Slim Junior Laptop Backpack, basically my everyday carry, or the larger eBags Professional Flight Laptop Backpack when I need more room for equipment, I am a longtime fan of the eBags brand. In fact, between backpacks, carry on and full sized luggage, I am confident that I own at least eight pieces of eBags luggage plus a dozen or more packing cubes, accessories and the like. The quality is amazing and the warranty is great (yes, I have taken advantage of a warranty replacement) but is really comes down to design. The eBags line of backpacks are very thoughtfully designed with numerous little touches that make a huge difference. I prefer the basic black color and initially wondered about the bright orange interior, but it really does make it easier to locate things that drift down to the bottom of the bag. And, oh the pockets! I seriously cannot remember the number of times I have recommended the eBags brand over the past 1o years. This is probably a good time to state that I do not have any affiliation with eBags other than that of a longtime satisfied customer, but, eBags, if you are listening, I have some ideas. Send me a message. Let’s talk!

Sterkmann Tech Pouch

But, an addiction is just that, an addiction. The perfect bag for me is out there, or perhaps it is on someone’s drawing board. (Again, eBags, hit me up!) That means that I am always looking for great bags. Which lead me to my most recent purchase. I found the Sterkmann Travel Bag on Kickstarter and was intrigued. I had seen other ‘zip down the center and lay flat to pack’ design, but price-wise, they were not targeted to me. The Sterkmann Travel Bag has some great features and as a early backer, I was able to secure a price closer to what I wanted to spend. The Sterkmann will not be a daily carry tech bag for me, but pairing it with one of my eBags laptop backpacks for shorter conference trips might be a great match. I especially think this combo will be perfect for my new found love of “carry on only” travel. Stumbling on to the Sterkmann Travel Bag led me to the Travel Pouch they offer. I had seen the Peak Design Tech Pouch but the Sterkmann comes in much more affordable with similar features. My concern about construction quality quickly disappeared when the Sterkmann arrived. It is very well made I love how, like the travel bag, you can actually unsnap the two center pieces allowing the tech pouch to lay flat. Incredibly help when you are setting up for a presentation and you what everything out where you can see it.

So, exactly what will you find in my tech bag? Well, let’s start with that Tech Pouch. Here are the contents of my tech pouch as of this morning.

Tech Pouch Contents
Contents of my Sterkmann Tech Pouch
  1. Blackweb HDMI Cable
  2. INFINITER Gyro Mouse
  3. Wireless Charging puck (The one in my tech pouch was a conference giveaway, but the one on my desk is the Yootech Wireless Charger.
  4. Aukey 24w Dual USB AC Adapter (Latest Model)
  5. Generic Apple Watch Charging Puck (Similar model)
  6. Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter
  7. Apple Lightning to VGA Adapter
  8. Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter (HDMI)
  9. ITANDA USB-C to HDMI Adapter 4K (2)
  10. Amazon Basics USB-C to USB A
  11. USB Type C Cable, Pantom [5-Pack 6-Inch] USB 2.0 to USB-C
  12. Micro SD Card Holder with SanDisk 16GB Micro SD Cards
  13. USB C to VGA Adapter (Similar Product)
  14. HyperDrive USB C Hub for MacBook Pro
  15. MOKiN 5 in 1 Dongle USB-C to HDMI, Sd/TF Card Reader and 2 Ports USB 3.0
  16. 8″ Braided USB to Lightning Cable (6) (Similar product)
  17. Storacell by Powerpax SlimLine AAA Battery Caddy with Amazon Basics AAA Batteries
  18. Storacell by Powerpax SlimLine AA Battery Caddy with Amazon Basics AA Batteries
  19. Apple Pencil, Google Pixelbook Pen, Surface Pen by Heiyo
  20. MicroNotes Notebook, Pilot G2 Mini Retractable Gel Pen
  21. 6″ Square Microfiber Cloth (from Aliexpress, inexpensive but expect extended delivery times)
  22. Cable Creation Short Micro USB Cable
  23. 3.5mm Aux Cable (Similar Product)
  24. Google Pixelbook 45W USB Type-C Charger
  25. Moco Best 3 in 1 USB Cable/Micro/Lightning/type C – keychain (Similar Product)
  26. Micro SD Reader from CamKix Swiss Army Knife Type Memory Card Storage Case
  27. 2TB keychain SSD
  28. Amazon Basics AAAA Battery (for Pixelbook Pen)
  29. Misc. Button Cell Batteries (For stylus, etc.)
  30. USB Memory Card Reader (Similar Product)
  31. Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector
  32. Google USB-C Earbuds
  33. Apple Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter, Google USB Type C to 3.5mm Headphone Adapter
  34. Assorted USB Adapters
  35. USB 3 in 1 Braided Charging Cable (Lightning, Micro USB and USB-C) (Similar Product)

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